For JRS, advocacy means ensuring that refugees receive legal and humane treatment. This involves supporting refugees in their efforts to claim and exercise their rights, and lobbying governments and institutions for better and just responses to refugees and situations of forced displacement. JRS advocacy is also aimed at enhancing the public perception of refugees, countering xenophobia and indifference, and promoting integration and social cohesion.

Challenges in today’s Europe

Current situation

The discourse around migration in Europe is increasingly dominated by racist and xenophobic rhetoric.

Several political forces systematically link migration to security issues, presenting people with migration backgrounds as a threat to European welfare and identity.

What we know

  • The experience on the ground shows that there is widespread support across Europe for the inclusion of refugees in our societies.
  • These voices, however, do not manage to become loud enough to impose a narrative change.

What we want to achieve

Promote positive narratives on migration

Our goal

JRS seeks to correctly inform the public, stimulate critical thinking, counter stereotypes and anti-migration discourse and foster a positive narrative that highlights both the importance of welcoming and protecting refugees and the positive contribution they can bring to societies

The way we do it

  • Hand in hand with advocacy work: we aim to influence policy decisions by helping to shape public opinion on key issues that can help contribute to change.
  • With our partners across Europe: we promote common messaging using campaigning, press interviews, social media, videos and testimonials.