Croatian language course – A1 – successfully finished!

16 April 2024

In July, in our SOL Integration Center, another cycle of the Croatian language course, level A1, ended. It is an activity within the MUZA project – Migrants in Community. The course was launched in response to migrants’ need for structured and accessible learning of the basics of the Croatian language with the aim of better integration.

For two full months, a total of 75 hours, migrants from Iraq, Bolivia, Russia, Venezuela, Syria, Morocco, Brazil, under the guidance of their volunteer teachers, Martina and Lucija, learned the basics of the Croatian language twice a week. During this time, they bonded as a group and the time spent on the course contributed to their social integration and bonding. “Migrants’ stories are not easy and they are all looking for better life opportunities. They work endlessly, they are eager for knowledge, they come to the classes, even when they come to the course after the hard work they do,” says Professor Martina, who dedicated herself to volunteering out of the desire to share knowledge that some people greatly need and a map to achieving better quality life circumstances.

Professor Lucija explains how complex it is to work with people from different speaking areas and that the preparation of such courses requires special preparation of the professor, but nothing was difficult for her, because she feels how much the course means to migrants. In the fall, in September, we will start a new cycle of the Croatian language course, and we will announce the exact start date on our social networks.